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Nordic Strong

Bringing Nordic traditions to the fitness world

Welcome to Nordic Strong, a company inspired by Nordic fitness traditions and official owner and manufacturer of the Nordic Trainer, the most effective multi-functional fitness machine. Combining principles of cross-country skiing and Pilates, the Nordic Trainer unlocks the key to the most effective full body, low impact workout you can achieve in your own home, gym, or workplace. Whether you are an athlete or not, young or old, fit or unfit, your body will benefit from using the Nordic Trainer. Visit our training community and find the right workout for you. Or contact us and we will customize it for your needs.



The Nordic Trainer gives a unique full body training experience by combining movements from that imitate cross country skiing and Pilates. The body moves in a soft range of motion on the Nordic Trainer, which gives a sense of wellbeing in the body all the while you are getting much stronger.



13.500,00 DKK

Our signature full body home trainer that activates 96% of the body’s muscle mass simultaneously.

The Nordic Trainer builds on principles of Nordic Skiing and Pilates. To get a feeling for Nordic training, check out some of our training videos.

The Nordic Trainer 2022 model comes with a bluetooth device that connects to The Nordic Strong App. With the Nordic Strong app, you can take workout class anywhere - at home or on the go.


- Bluetooth computer
- Adjustable poles


32kg/71IbsAluminium and Stainless Steel Anthracite grey / Northern Light Green flywheel 71x259x26cm / 28x102x14in Super-glide ball bearing rails
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